Merkato CPQ

Merkato is an integrated solution designed to capture business rules that allow the generation and distribution of quotes and other product-related documents. This can include production information and marketing literature.

The system is web-based and even the management modules do not require any installed client software. This offers unprecedented flexibility.

We help you sell your products 24/7, anywere in the world, in any language. That’s our promise!

User Friendly

Merkato is very intuitive and easy to use. The software is packed with smart, user-oriented, features and functions. The inteface is tight and adaptive.

This simplified and flexible user interface design ensures implementation times are record-breakingly quick.

Making changes to the business rules or layout is no problem at all. Using drag & drop, cut & paste and many other smart functions, including an innovative direct copy & paste from Excel tables, changes and improvements are simply fun to implement.

Upsell Options

Make all possible choices for your product visual and your customer can be encouraged to choose additional extras.

The user experience for your product gets a boost and with Merkato as the basis, orders are always faultless.


Configurations Per Day


Orders Per Day


Business Rules


Order Entry Solutions

Product Selection

Merkato is the perfect tool for quick, easy and accurate product order entry.

Your business-specific rules are pre-programmed within the Merkato application. Merkato can be used by your office for order entry (sometimes in addition to your existing ERP systems). Using Merkato results in mistake-free order creation, giving your business peace of mind and confidence.

E-Commerce Solutions

Online Configuration

More and more sales depend partially on the front of the process. A folder or static website is no longer enough nowadays. The customer asks to experience the product and informing the customer is increasingly becoming an interactive journey. The graphic design of websites that offer this is a collaboration between marketing & user-experience specialists, graphic designers and professional website builders.

Complete Solution

We offer the teams that build such sites the Merkato platform as a ready-made, proven and ready-to-go back-end. For the specialists this offers the unrivaled advantage that they can concentrate on the customer journey, the graphic design and the experience. Recording knowledge, version management, maintenance, dependencies, document creation, user management and many other issues that are not directly related to the marketing and the front-end are covered. Due to the deployment of the trusted and proven technology thats embedded in Merkato.