Veenhuis Machines

Veenhuis Machines B.V. develops and manufactures innovative manure technology for the application, transport and processing of manure

Motivated by strong international growth, Veenhuis uses Merkato to generate quotes in various languages. Merkato is also used to generate customer-specific manuals and parts lists.

An extensive interview with Veenhuis Machines about their use of Merkato is included below.

Located in the Netherlands, is Veenhuis. A household name here and beyond. The successful family business has existed since 1938 and focuses on the design, development and manufacture of innovative techniques for the application, transport and processing of manure.

Veenhuis hold a strong position within this sector, based on innovation, quality and service. Veenhuis realised that their sales processes need improving, and that is how they came to Quootz. We spoke with Martijn Zwerink, process coordinator at Veenhuis and leader of the project around the implementation of Merkato.

Reason for Merkato Implementation

"The sales of the machines at Veenhuis go through dealers to contracting companies. We kept a large Excel list for each machine that contained many different parts. When dealers went a bit further in this list (became "creative"), the problem soon arose that too many options were possible. So it happened that options were sold that we first had to reconstruct. This cost us a lot of time and money" says Martijn Zwerink. It was important for Veenhuis for a tool to be introduced that ensured dealers were guided in the right direction when selling these machines.

"In addition to these main reasons, we also set up a machine map internally. This was done from the sale of dealers. The machine is sold with a number of options and we process these orders internally. The machine cards were not unambiguous and not flawless; this takes time and money in various departments. Merkato was purchased to ensure that both the sales and the production side went smoothly, saving many valuable internal hours.

Merkato offers an enormous amount of functionality and the team at Quootz suited us well. In comparison to the other systems that we have examined, Merkato was also very favorably priced and we were able to negotiate good delivery and implementation terms."


"Together with a colleague, I led the implementation project. We followed short training courses and were almost completely embedded in the software within two weeks. During the implementation we got the necessary delay due to our own internal challenges. During the implementation it became clear to us that some combinations were not possible due to their logic. These were clear learning moments for our organization "

Merkato has given us more knowledge of our own product. We were forced to put this into the software and this has brought our organization to a higher level.


"I am very pleased with the package. It is powerful, accessible and easy" says Martijn. "In addition, it is a clear system. When an alert message is shown within the system, it is clear that I was the one who had made a mistake. The system is designed in such a way that you simply cannot enter any illogical rules. It seems to be able to think for you. This makes it powerful and extremely easy to use."

"There is a philosophy behind the product about the approach to certain issues, which is not deviated from. That is very pleasant. When I thought: "that could be more convenient", there was always a justified answer 'no, that's because ....' and then this was well argued so that I saw that it would not be feasible."

"The accessibility lies in the fact that it is nice to-the-point. There are no unnecessary frills in the system. The "look and feel" is simple, but this makes it - for me at least - just as nice. We want a product that does what it should do, and that is true at Merkato. "

"We have the same opinion about the Quootz company. Like the product, the company is "no nonsense but very good" and they radiate that. No chatter - to the point. Business for them, yet very personal and genuine. It has become a relationship, not just a supplier. They are also willing to maintain this relationship for the foreseeable future.

The support offered is great. This is usually done via e-mail. I always get answers to questions within the same day. The software is updated very often. This is always flawless and the software is becoming more and more convenient to use. "


"The sellers found it difficult to get used to the new method and (therefore) difficult to find time to delve into it. This has had a significant impact on our organization and our product range.

We can now speak of a success. "All sales come from Merkato" - that has become a statement within the company. All our Excel lists are gone and we no longer have to rely on the knowledge in people's minds. Everyone is aware of the entire system. For new colleagues we are still working on an internal manual for the use of Merkato at Veenhuis. "

"Of course we can only really conclude in about a year and a half if it has been as successful as we think. We expect to make significantly fewer engineering hours. The number of internal hours for dealer and seller guidance will then also have decreased.

The offers are now very tight and tidy. We hope that by that time more and more dealers will make their own quotes. We are now at the forefront of our market with a very nice program. "